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All About Cremation

Curlew Hills is proud to be the recognized leader in cremation and memorialization.  We have earned this reputation for many reasons.

First, your loved one NEVER leaves our care.  We own and operate our own state-of-the-art crematory, which is located here on site.  When you call us for service, we transport your loved one into our care and provide all aspects of the cremation process on site.  They do not leave our trusted care. So you can rest assured your loved one is safely cared for by our licensed funeral directors and experienced staff at all times.

Second, we offer the exclusive 10 Step Cremation With Confidence Guarantee.  This GUARANTEES you the highest level of care and service. We are always here to assist you with your decisions and lend a hand in any way you need.

Third, we have a wide array of personalized Memorialization Options.  Designed specifically for those who choose cremation, our many options celebrate a life well lived.  From beautiful glass-front niches and private estates to elegantly landscaped gardens and garden columbariums, we have something for virtually every preference.

And, finally, we will provide you with upfront, fair and value-oriented pricing. You can always rely on that.

So, whether you’re planning services, a personalized life celebration or making arrangements at the time of need, our caring staff is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call today to speak to one of our Cremation Experts and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

10-Step Guarantee

We believe in our 10-Step cremation process so much, that we exclusively offer the Cremation with Confidence Guarantee. The guarantees that your loved one never leaves our care and that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one. 

1. Your loved one never leaves our care.

We have our own onsite crematory, so all your services are handled and managed by our certified staff and your loved one never leaves our care.

2. Safeguarding personal identity.

3. Unique tracking system.

4. Family identification.

5. Checks and balances to ensure correct paperwork.

6. Cremation log book.

Immediately prior to the cremation process, your loved one is taken to the cremation chamber and their personal identification is noted in our cremation log book. 

7. Details during the cremation.

8. Details after the cremation.

After the cremation is complete, the cremated remains and an identification tag are placed in the urn to ensure you have received your loved one’s remains.

9. Return of the cremated remains.

10. Celebration of life.

We will assist you in planning a funeral or memorial service either before or after the cremation.  A meaningful ceremony provides an opportunity for family and friends to pay tribute to your loved one and to share the memories of a lifetime.

Cremation: Final Placement Choices

Cremation: Final Placement Choices

When choosing cremation, the options for a final resting place are almost limitless.

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Cremation: Service Options

Cremation: Service Options

It's more than just choosing an urn. Personalization options for your loved one.

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